Alison Crum has become a well known 'clearing house' for putting people who have viols or bows to sell in touch with those who want to buy one.

This page will be developed to circulate information about viols and anything connected with them. Some commission will be charged on successful sales - please email for more information.

New Viols

Tenor viol by Wesley Brandt (2018) after Jaye, 54cm. Set up for all gut or covered strings, inc 2 bridges. £5,800 ono
Bass viol by Fons Vogel, West Dean Workshop (2016), after Smith, 71cm, with carved head and rosette £5,650
Bass viol by Martin Cuffe, West Dean Workshop (2014), after Rombouts, 66.5cm, with carved head £5,000
Treble viol by Edward Klose, West Dean Workshop (2015), after Turner, 36.5cm £3,000
Treble viol by Warren Shingleton, West Dean Workshop, after Rose £2,500
Tenor viol by Anthony Edge (2014), in the style of Rose, 55cm (without case) £2,200
7 string bass viol by Kit Wensley, West Dean Workshop, after Collichon 1693, 71cm, with carved head £5,500
7 string bass viol by Jóhann Gunnarsson, in the style of Colichon, 70cm, with carved head £7,500
5 string Pardessus viol by Ante Percic, West Dean Workshop (2005), after Bertrand, 33cm £2,200
7 string bass viol by Joe Lotito, after Bertrand 69cm £7,000
Renaissance bass viol by Joe Lotito, after Ventura Linarol (1582) 66cm £5,000

Second Hand Viols

Treble viol by Scrimshaw (1990), 36cm, with hard case £3,700
Renaissance tenor in A (1994) after Ventura Linarol (1582) by Michael Heale - used by Fretwork £3,000 ono
Renaissance bass (1999) after Ciciliano, 66cm by Michael Heale. Crazed varnish. £3,000
Bass viol by Rowland Ross (1976), 66cm, with bow by Tunnicliffe, and hard case by Savage £3,500 ono
Treble viol by Dolmetsch (1960), 36cm, with case. All new strings. £1,500 ono
Bass viol by Uebel (1975), decorated scroll, with bow and soft case. All new strings £1.850 ono
Bass viol by Uebel (1973), with Götz bow and hard case. £1,700


Treble viol bow by Roger Doe, 53gms (discounted if bought with Scrimshaw viol above) £400
Bass viol bow by Bryant in snakewood, double fluted, recently rehaired £750
Tenor viol bow by Anthony Bayliss, fixed frog, quite light (could be used on treble) £800

Strings, Cases and other things

Other Instruments


Treble and tenor bows at various prices
Tenor viols, both small and large, at various prices